ESAB G-Tech Tunsgten Grinder

ESAB has two types of tungsten grinders. The first type is the handheld Handy series ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder. This handheld tungsten grinder series already has two versions, the original G-tech Handy and the G-tech Handy II.

The original handy ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder

The tungsten grinders in the G-Tech Handy series are industrial grade. They are meant to be used for the non-radioactive types of tungsten electrodes. It has a unique design because it allows you to adjust the grinding angle easily.

esab tungsten grinder

While most grinders only let you choose between a few angles, the Handy grinder allows you to choose between 5-degree denominations up to 90 degrees. The user can do this by adjusting the position of the electrode holder guide. While adjusting the position of this knob, you are guided by the angle scale on the side of the knob.

With the original Handy ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder, the electrode is held in place by a holder or wand. You can attach the electrode to this holder so that it is easy to hold while grinding it. With this tool, your grinder will be able to hold electrodes with 1.0-4.0 mm thickness. It is equipped with a diamond blade for grinding and you can adjust the speed of the grinding easily using the adjustment tool in the handle of the tool

The Handy ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder comes with a dust filter to keep your working area clean. The tool also comes with its own container so that it can be safely carried anywhere. They also include various types of screwdrivers important in adjusting the grinding head.

The Handy II

The Handy II is the upgraded version of the original Handy ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder. It is also an industrial grade ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder. However, it has more features that its predecessor. One of the most obvious changes is the Handy II’s ergonomic design. It has a wider handle than its predecessor does to give the user a better grip. It also comes with more attachments and adjusting tools.

Just like the first Handy version, you can also adjust the area of the wheel to be used by adjusting the grinding head. However, the Handy II comes with a cover that allows this ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder to grind the tungsten at a 90-degree angle to make a flat surface.

esab g tech tungsten sharpener

One of the accessories included is the metal handle that allows the user to fix the ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder to be fixed on the table. This will convert the handheld grinder to a benchtop grinder in a matter of minutes. By attaching it to your bench or table, you no longer subject your hands to the vibrations of the motor.

This Handy version can also grind more tungsten electrode dimensions. You can grind electrodes of 1,6 < 2,0 – 2,4 – 3,2 millimeter dimensions. If you usually work with larger electrodes, you can purchase an additional grinding head to replace the Handy II grinding head.

The heavy-duty ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder

Aside from the Handy series, ESAB also produces a specialized benchtop grinder that uses a wet grinding system. This specialized grinder is meant to be used when grinding thoriated electrodes. This type of tungsten electrode alloy contains a radioactive component. This grinder prevents the dust from coming in contact with the skin of the operator.

Just like its handheld versions, it is easy to use. The angle can be adjusted easily and you can adjust it up to 90 degrees. The grinding happens in an enclosed space to prevent the liquid components from spilling. The dust from the grinding is collected with the liquid used in the system. This prevents the radioactive dust particles from being inhaled by the operator.

If you work in an industry that absolutely needs to use thoriated tungsten electrodes, this benchtop ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder is a must in your shop. It comes with the liquid used in the system and you can purchase more of it from ESAB when your supply runs out.

Overall, the ESAB grinders discussed above do what they claim to do. They are all professional grade grinders that are guaranteed to last a long time. The benchtop version is for specialized industries that need to use thoriated electrodes. If you just need to work with other non-radioactive types of electrodes, you can just get the Handy series. This series also works best for people who need to work outdoors.

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