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A tungsten grinder is one neat tool to have. It allows for easy and more precise sharpening of tungsten electrodes. You can use a sharpener instead of a grinder sometimes. Nevertheless, the grinder is more important and effective than the sharpener.


Best Neutra Tungsten Grinder


Features of the Neutra tungsten grinder

A grinder is definitely better than a sharpener. It has more advantages, especially when it comes to safety and ease of use.

neutra tungsten sharpener

The grinding disc of the Neutra Tungsten Grinder is made of diamond super abrasive material. This will give sharpness even to the trickiest angles of the electrode. With the diamond material, the grinding disc will last a long time. It is reliable to use in several grinding sessions.

With the diamond super abrasive material of the grinding disc, electrodes are sharpened better. This gives the electrode longer life in between regrinds. With the excellent grinding action of this device, regrinding is not as frequent. Electrodes remain sharper for longer.

Best of all, the tungsten electrode does not undergo oxidation during the wet grinding process. That also means longer life for the electrode.

The electrode can be ground with this device for as many as 200 times — without compromising function. This tungsten grinder is a great tool for sharpening tungsten electrodes. It can grind electrodes of various sizes, up to 4 mm in diameter.

Worried about toxic dust? The Neutra Tungsten Grinder has got that covered — literally. One major concern about grinding tungsten electrodes is the production of fine dust. During the grinding process, the tungsten or thoria becomes exposed. Fine dust particles are released. These are potentially radioactive. This dust can easily be inhaled and cause a number of serious health illnesses.

neutra tungsten grinder

With the Neutra Tungsten Grinder, toxic dust will not be much of a problem. This device comes with an eco-friendly tool that collects all dust produced by the grinding process. This amazing grinder has a local dust extraction tool that will keep the dust from flying everywhere.

The dust is deposited into a disposable bag. When disposing of this bag, extreme care must be observed. Careful handling is a must to avoid accidental spills or punctures to the bag. When handling the bag for disposal, make sure that the dust will not be released into the air.

This amazing grinder comes with a fully enclosed grinding chamber. This chamber keeps the dust from escaping and flying into the air. This is great news for the operator of the grinder since exposure to the potentially toxic dust is never a good thing. With this enclosed grinding chamber, extraction is no longer a need.

The grinding wheels provide the perfect grinding for every angle. The wheels are designed and aligned to provide accurate grinding action around angles. With this feature, the tungsten electrodes are sure to be perfectly and evenly ground at every angle. The tungsten will be a reliable, sharp tool once again after using the Neutra Tungsten Grinder.

The angles of the tungsten electrode will have an amazingly polished angle surface. This will greatly improve the arc’s striking capabilities. A highly polished arc surface will also enhance the stability of the arc. This will enable the tungsten electrode to function with more precision.

More about Neutra tungsten sharpener

This electrode grinder has a unique wet grinding system in an enclosed chamber. This protects both the operator and the environment from toxic dust resulting from the grinding process.
With this grinder, TIG welding is so much better. It provides a more stable arc with consistency on the level of penetration.

The minimum electrode length is 12 mm. When grinding, the minimum reduction in the length of the electrode is 0.5 mm.

The Neutra Tungsten Grinder is available in either an 110-volt (110/115) device or a 220-volt (220/240) AC, single phase.

The device has a plastic exterior. The plastic material is tough and durable, which can withstand wear and tear, as well as the rigor of transport.

The overall design of this tungsten grinder is ergonomic, making it convenient and comfortable to use. Its design is also very user-friendly and easy to use. It does not require any special training just to safely handle and use this device.

It gives guaranteed reliability and accuracy with every use. It has accurate electrode grain direction. This ensures that the electrode is polished and ground in the most precise manner as possible, without unnecessary scratches on the surface.

The Neutra Tungsten Grinder is CSA-approved and has earned the CE mark.

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