Orbitalum Tungster Grinder

If you are looking for a heavy-duty tungsten grinder for home use, the Orbitalum tungsten grinder is the right tool for you. It is both a cutter and a grinder in one small package. It comes in three models, the ESG MAX, ESG Plus and the ESG Plus 2. They differ mostly on the range of grinding angles that you can do with each tool but they are all industrial-grade based on accuracy and durability.

Orbitalum grinder models

If you are going for a tool that can grind from 15-60 degrees, you should get the ESG MAX. The ESG Plus on the other hand, can only do 15, 18, 22.5 and 30-degree grinds. The ESG Plus2 can grind in 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree angles. The ESG Plus 2 is exactly the same as the ESG Plus except for the added grinding head installed for additional angle preset options. You can see these angling options on the head of the tool.

The ESG Plus is good enough for regular applications. However, if you need specific angles for orbital welding applications, you may need to get the ESG Plus2.

The tool is easy to use. Users no longer need to do any specific preparations to power the machine up. It is as easy as plugging it in, choosing the right angle and electrode size, and sticking the electrode in. If you are doing simple applications, you can stick the electrode in by hand. For smaller electrodes, this can be difficult. If you need to work with extremely thin electrodes, the Orbitalum tungsten grinder offers accessories for that.

Grinder accessories

With the tool itself, the manufacturers focused on creating a heavy-duty machine that can produce the user’s desired grind quality. For users doing specialized applications, the manufacturers of the Orbitalum tungsten grinder made accessories to cater to their needs. The company separated these accessories from the tool itself so that buyers only need to purchase the accessories that they want.

 orbitalum tungsten sharpener

A wand and a clamping collet for example, are available if you are constantly working with extremely short pieces of tungsten electrodes. These tools are necessary when grinding electrodes shorter than two and a half inches.

Aside from the wand and the collet, the mounting bracket is another excellent accessory to buy with your Orbitalum tungsten sharpener. With the mounting bracket, a user can keep the tool steady in his workbench. It instantly transforms into a benchtop grinder. With the Orbitalum tungsten grinder mounting bracket, you can keep the tool in one place when you are working at home and you can remove it only when you need to work away from your shop.

To protect the user from dust, you can also buy the protective cover of the grinder. The cover prevents the dust from going straight to the operator’s face. This is necessary if you work in an industry with specific safety guidelines. An external dust extractor is also available if you want to keep your working space clean while grinding.

If you also need to do some precise cutting in your usual workflow, you could also purchase the Orbitalum tungsten grinder cutting attachment. This attachment allows the user to cut the electrode in pre-set lengths. The cutting lengths include 12, 13, 15 and 17 millimeters.

Easy to use and always accurate

With the Orbitalum tungsten grinder, you get a single function tool for a clean grind of your tungsten electrodes. It is easy to use and you do not have to worry about grinding angle mistakes. By using this tool, you shorten the learning curve in grinding your electrodes. You also avoid the risk of using contaminated electrodes because the grinding wheel is not used for other purposes other than sharpening tungsten.

Aside from keeping the integrity of the electrode, using the Orbitalum tungsten grinder will ensure that you get the same quality of grinding every time. This is necessary in applications that require a specific angle.

The Orbitalum tungsten grinder is perfect for home use because you can ask people assisting you in the shop to do your grinding for you. Even an inexperienced user can create an accurate and consistent grind with this tool. When not in use, you can keep the grinder in its storage box, especially when working in places with extreme weather conditions. The storage box that the tool comes with is durable and makes the tool easy to carry around.

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