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The manufacturers of the Piranha tungsten grinder dub their products as the ideal grinder for any usage in the shop. One grinder kit will be enough to serve the needs of three welders max.

Best Piranha tungsten grinder


Since this tungsten grinder has been set up to handle pretty much any sharpening task, expect it to be able to grind from 3/32 up to 0.40. This is due to the universal collet that is outfitted into Piranha models.

Guide to buy a Piranha grinder

The following are some of the reasons provided by actual pros and hobbyists for buying a Piranha grinder.

Comparing Two Current Piranha Tungsten Grinder Models

Note that there are currently two popular Piranha grinder models out in the market today, the first one is the Piranha 2 tungsten grinder and the other is the Piranha 3 tungsten grinder. Well, both tungsten grinders appear so much alike except that their specs vary and each model works with different sizes of tungsten electrodes.

Piranha II tungsten grinder characteristics

The Piranha II (model number DGP-PG2) comes with a built in collet arm that can fit up to three different electrode sizes without requiring any changes in the outfitted equipment. You can fit the following size tungsten electrodes in the Piranha II:

piranha II tungsten grinder

Welders who have actually used this tungsten grinder say that it was pretty easy to setup – no complex process needed to get it ready for work in your shop. Once installed, it has been observed to provide almost a perfect repeatability producing consistent results.

This is due to the angle scale included with the unit. It has a flat gauge precision tip that can reach an angular range of 10º to 60º. Users can also take advantage of exact stop points on the tungsten using the grinder’s depth adjustment stop.

Overall, the Piranha II features a compact design. Solid construction quality and durable design ensure a long service life. Notice that it also produces zero to very minimal vibrations (if any).

The Piranha II also comes with double-sided grinding wheel. This ensures a longer wheel life thus extending the usable value of the grinder – well, you know how expensive a diamond grinder wheel is, right?

Piranha III tungsten grinder key details

Note that the Piranha II and Piranha III have pretty much the same overall construction. They, in fact, have almost the same features. So, in this section, we’ll just mention some of the features that make the Piranha III (model number DGP-PG3) unique.

piranha III tungsten grinder

The Piranha III has the following dimensions: 9.5″ x 13.5″ x 7″ (H x L x W). It has a unit weight of 46 pounds. The package will weigh around 50 pounds when delivered to your door due to the other stuff that comes in the box beside the tungsten grinder.

The Piranha III also features a universal collet but it is rather designed to grind the following tungsten electrode size range: 0.040″ to 3/16″ or a diameter range of 1.0 mm to 4.8 mm. It actually supports 6 electrode sizes:

One of the first things that you will notice about the Piranha III right off the bat is its recessed handle. This type of handle provides users with better form and of course better function. You will also notice that when you set it up on your workbench that it will be lighter. The chassis have been redesigned to make the unit a bit more portable than other tungsten grinder models that Diamond Ground Products have come up with.

The Piranha III is also equipped with an on/off switch that has a LED light. That, of course, improves the display. On top of that, it will be difficult not to notice the integrated receptacle area. That will make it easier to handle the tungsten electrodes that you will be working with.

This tungsten grinder also comes with a dust shield, which manufacturers boast of 100% dust containment. Other than the dust shield, this grinder unit also comes with a Containment Baffle, which ensures that the tungsten dust remains within the grinder’s housing. That will keep things a lot safer for the welder operating the unit and it also makes dust disposal a lot more convenient.

The Piranha 3 tungsten grinder is also port ready. That means you can easily upgrade it with a vacuum upgrade. Of course, the said upgrade will entail additional cost.

Drawbacks of the Piranha tungsten sharpener

Right off the bat, these tungsten grinders already look pretty good. However, these two models also have their downsides too. Here are some of the things that actual users have complained about:

However, do take note that the manufacturers never claimed 100% accuracy every single time. The quality of the grind that you get is within industry standards – which is a lot better compared to the results you will get from handhelds.

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