Radnor Tungsten Grinder

Grinders are excellent tools in cleaning electrodes and keeping them functioning well. There are so many ways to contaminate the electrodes of a TIG welder. The electrodes need to be cleaned and grounded in order to get precise and efficient function with every use. The Radnor Tungsten Grinder is the best tool for that purpose.

Radnor tungsten grinder vs sharpener

You can use a sharpener instead of a grinder sometimes, as both are the same and both are important — but the grinder is more important than the sharpener.

A grinder is more able to provide precise grinding over angles and arcs. It is also easier and more convenient to get the correct grinding direction with tungsten grinders compared to sharpeners.
The longitudinal grinding direction of all electrodes in TIG welding machines is an absolute must. With sharpeners, it is quite challenging to get this vital direction right. Fortunately, the Radnor Tungsten Grinder allows for accurate longitudinal direction when grinding electrodes.

During the grinding process, the electrode must be turned very slowly. The arcs and angles must be followed as precisely as possible. Any cross-grinding on the grooves of the electrodes will result in a very unstable arc. Tungsten particles will break off and can drop and get into the molten pool. These conditions will not be very safe or desirable during the welding process.

radnor tungsten sharpener

Good thing that the Radnor Tungsten Grinder eliminates these possibilities. With its perfectly aligned grinding wheels, each arc and every angle will be finely cleaned and ground.

On the other hand, sharpeners may not always give this required grinding direction.

Another huge difference is the collection of fine dust particles. When electrodes are ground or sharpened, fine dust is produced. This dust is potentially toxic. Most sharpeners do not have an efficient and eco-friendly way to contain and collect the dust.

Good quality tungsten grinders come with a collection bottle or bag that will collect the grinding. This will reduce the hazards to the grinding operator and the environment.

More about the Radnor tungsten grinder

This amazing tool can cut electrodes into a range of lengths, between 5/16 of an inch to 6 1/8 of an inch. Cutting and grinding should be at a precise longitudinal direction.

The Radnor Tungsten Grinder provides excellent grinding angle, too. The grinding angle will affect the quality of the seam when using the electrode for welding. Poor grinding angle will result in poor quality of welding seam.

The tool is encased in a solid aluminum housing. This housing is heavy-duty and durable yet lighter than most other grinders.

A worktable is also an added feature of the Radnor Tungsten Grinder. This is made with stainless steel. This worktable will help in preventing contamination during the grinding process.

The grinding wheel of this device is diamond-abrasive. This type will provide excellent grinding and cleaning action on every curve and groove of the welding electrode.

The tip of the electrode is equally kept at perfect welding point and shape. The shape of the electrode’s tip will also contribute to the quality of the weld seam. In addition, it affects the entire welding process. If the consistency of the grain boundary is less than the individual crystal’s consistency, problems will happen. When subjected to mechanical load, the electrode will weaken along these grain boundaries. In the extremely high heat of the welding process, this weakening can lead to fissuring at the electrode tip.

This is why grinding the electrode’s tip is another crucial process. If the grinding wheels are not abrasive enough or if the angle and direction are not correct, the tip can be compromised.
With the Radnor Tungsten Grinder, the tip of the electrode is correctly processed. The device provides the correct positioning to make sure that the grain boundaries are not damaged from the mechanical forces involved.

The Radnor Tungsten Grinder has a diamond-grinding disc, which has very fine grains that effectively grinds and cleans the entire electrode. More than that, grinding will also affect the life span of the electrode. Using the fine grains of the Radnor Tungsten Grinder’s diamond disc for grinding will give the electrodes longer life span, with very reliable functioning in between regrinding. This is an excellent disc to use to reduce the frequency of the need to regrind the welding electrodes.

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