SharpShooter Tungster Grinder

For specialized welding applications, the quality of the tungsten grinder is probably the top priority. With welding applications in industries like aeronautics and in the navy, crude methods of sharpening tungsten will not cut it. Using contaminated tungsten electrodes can lead to disasters. The Sharpshooter tungsten grinder specializes in preventing these welding disasters by ensuring the integrity of the tungsten electrode.

Always get a clean and consistent grind

The Sharpshooter tungsten grinder is a benchtop grinder. It is favored by experienced welders in specific industries where dedicated tungsten sharpeners are the norm. Because it is a single function device, you can be sure that no one is using it for other purposes behind your back.

sharpshooter tungsten grinder

This is often a problem when sharpening tungsten with commonly used grinders and belters but not with a Sharpshooter tungsten grinder. The belt or the diamond grinder may be used by other people with materials other than tungsten electrodes. If this is the case, the electrodes you sharpen with the same tools will likely be contaminated. Welding contamination is a serious matter when lives depend on your work.

People working in a sterile environment can also make use of the Sharpshooter tungsten grinder because the grinding happens in an enclosed area. The dust is captured and the user is protected from debris that may bounce off the grinder.

Aside from electrode integrity and user safety, the Sharpshooter tungsten sharpener is also known for its precision in grinding. It comes with an electrode wand that can hold any length and thickness of tungsten electrodes. This metal rod has a thick area for the handle and thin area that is inserted into the slot of the machine. The positioning of the wand ensures that the grinding is done in the right direction.

The Wand

With the wand, the user can hold the tungsten electrode steadily against the grinder. The steady grinding creates an even grind all around the electrode tip. Because there is no shaking in the grinding process, the Sharpshooter tungsten grinder, and its wand ensure excellent concentricity in the product.

Using the wand is easy. All you have to do is to insert the tungsten electrode in the hole in one tip of the wand. You should allow a certain length of the electrode to stick out from the wand. You could then measure the length of the electrode sticking out in the measurement scale on the side of the machine. On the same side of the Sharpshooter tungsten grinder, you will see the cutting tool. It also comes with measurement scale to ensure precision.

The wand is a perfect fit in the slot intended for it. You only have to hold the wand when grinding. You no longer need to attach the electrode to a hand drill or to use your own hands. When you are satisfied with the results, you can easily slip the electrode out of the wand.

After a short practice on the machine, users will be able to get the hang of it. After a few days of using it, your grinding products will be consistent.

Sharpshooter grinder models

The Sharpshooter tungsten grinder comes in two models, the TSS-1 and the TSS-2. Both models are identical except for the cutting feature of the TSS-2. This feature is not available in the TSS-1.

Both have the same basic grinding and polishing features. The user can choose a grinding angle within the 10 to 60-degree range. The sharpening process is so precise that the user can control the grinding up to 6 millimeters from the tip. The same type of dust extraction methods is used in both models. They both come with a work cabinet that you can put in the corner of your workshop to be used solely for tungsten grinding.

Both operate with ½ horsepower motor for the grinder. The machine only produces a maximum of 79 decibels with grinding and dust extraction. With the work cabinet, you can be sure that the vibrations that the machine produces are isolated in one place. It will not interfere with other things in your workstation. The workstation also ensures that the wiring to the power supply of the machine is secure.

Pro-fusion’s Sharpshooter tungsten grinder is a tough machine that will probably last throughout your welding days. Ever since its introduction to the tungsten grinder market, it has been the gold standard in the industry.

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