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For hobbyists and even some pros, getting a tungsten grinder is more of a luxury than a necessity. But if you’re a welder performing your craft in the orbital TIG scene, then it becomes a necessity. And this is where a TechSouth tungsten grinder shines. Anyone who has a need for an electrode that has a perfect grind will require a tungsten sharpener.

Why buy from TechSouth?

There are lots of brands of tungsten grinders out there. Different manufacturers offer different competing products. There are portable models, handheld grinders, and bench top tungsten grinder units. Some of the notably popular brands include CK, Weldcraft, and Diamond Ground.

It’s not that these other companies are bad or anything. TechSouth stands it because their entire business is targeted towards orbital TIG systems. Note that this is the only niche in the market that requires perfectly ground tungsten every single time. That’s the level of expertise you’ll get from their products.

Note that the discussion below is a TechSouth tungsten grinder review. We’ll look at the features, advantages, as well as the drawbacks of the different Power Point tungsten grinders.

TechSouth tungsten grinders

The company’s handheld tungsten grinders are simply some of the best units you will find in the industry. In fact, some professionals even consider TechSouth handhelds as the only true handheld tungsten grinders in the market.

techsouth tungsten sharpener

You’ll find them in various types, shapes and forms. There are corded handheld grinders such as the TechSouth Standard Grinder (#TS-PPE). But if you are looking for something that is more mobile, something you can carry with you without having to worry about the cable then the TechSouth Cordless Standard Grinder (#TS-PPE-BATT) is what you need.

Guessing the type of tungsten grinder

You can easily figure out which grinder has a cable on it and which one is a handheld. Just check out the product code. “BATT” obviously stands for battery while “ADJ” on the other hand stands for “adjustable,” and finally “DCS” stands for “dust collection system,” which limits your exposure to the usual grinding dust that accumulates when you sharpen tungsten.

Power Point tungsten grinder

Notice that all the product models that have been mentioned so far belong to the Power Point series by TechSouth. This series of tungsten grinders are perfect for hobbyists, do it yourself peeps, and of course professionals as well. A lot of orbital TIG professionals describe the grinders in this series as providing a lot of bang for the buck.

powerpoint tungsten grinder

Highlights of the TechSouth PowerPoint tungsten grinder

  • Low price point – This is one of the things that make the Power Point grinder series really attractive for many professionals. A lot of the products in this series are on the lower end of the price point. Well, some are pretty expensive but comparing them with the competition, they are generally more attractively priced.
  • Just the right size – This is another thing that users really liked when they put any PowerPoint tungsten grinder to the test. They’re just the right size compared to many handheld tungsten grinders out there. Some even say that considering the size of these grinders and the feel you get in your hands, that these are the only truly handheld models in the market.
  • Adjustable grind angle – A lot of welders and other professionals like the adjustable grind angle feature of these tungsten sharpeners. It’s not a unique feature since models from competing brands also have this feature.

These tungsten grinders also come with an angle selector lock. When you have identified the angle you want to use, usually from 15 up to 45 degrees, you can lock the angle selector so that you can work with the same angle every single time.

  • Different cut-offs – These grinders can make both a notched as well as a tip flat cut off.
  • A wide range of electrodes – TechSouth’s tungsten grinders usually cover a wide range of electrodes that you can work with. You can use .40″ up to 1/8″ electrodes.
  • Variable speed motor – Powerpoint tungsten grinders also come equipped with a variable speed motor. PRO TIP: always use the fastest possible setting when you adjust the speed. This will provide you with the best finish possible and it will eventually prolong the service life of both the motor and the grinding wheel.

techsouth powerpoint tungsten grinder

Downsides of PowerPoint grinders

  • Even though a TechSouth PowerPoint tungsten grinder has the ability to go from one angle to the other, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a degree scale. That means you can’t really tell the exact angle that you’re grinding.
  • Here’s another downside that you should know about. The way these PowerPoint tungsten grinders adjust their grind angle is not exactly intuitive. Those who use these models for the first time will find it a bit difficult to figure out whether decreasing the actual grind angle or increasing it. The difficulty is due to the fact that the unit’s grinding chamber has an enclosed design. You just can’t see how the electrode you are sharpening will impact your wheel.
  • Another downside is that if you need to do a tip flat cut off, you will have to open up the enclosure for the grinding chamber. That means you will deliberately allow dust to blow all over your work area for just a moment.

A final word

Any TechSouth tungsten grinder offers both its pros and cons. Note that not every model comes with the dust collection system. The pros generally make up for the drawbacks for each model, which make these grinders a pretty good investment.

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