Tungsten grinder spares

Many fellows in the welding industry have shared experiences when using tungsten grinders or tungsten sharpeners. Particularly, they shared the instances when their grinders for tungsten electrodes broke down. They would post complaints about having to do revisions for the electrodes.

tungsten grinder spares


If you were in their place, you may consider one of the popular solutions: take home a brand new tungsten grinder. Shopping for a new grinder may offer an easy fix, but it comes with the disadvantage of spending more. After all, a grinder can be quite costly.

A great alternative is to invest in a tungsten grinder’s replacement parts. Rather than purchase a new tungsten grinder, scouring accessory stores that sell various welding equipment is the more practical option. There, loads of different tungsten grinder spares are easily available.

Here are 4 of the best tungsten grinder spares.

#1 – Router collet

The router collet of your tungsten grinder is designed to hold tungsten electrodes securely when sharpening or cutting the pieces. Typically, the design of its internal surface is rather advanced; it is aimed at making itself a flexible medium for gripping. It is supposed to contract, expand, and squeeze upon the insertion of tungsten electrodes.

With a faulty router collet, achieving arc stability when honing tungsten may be difficult. Accomplishing a sharpened edge is still doable, but the task becomes time-consuming. You would need to check that the tungsten electrodes are still in place during the grinding process.

Fortunately, the collets are among the available tungsten grinder spares in accessory stores that sell welding materials. From the loads of collets that are on sale, it is best to select the appropriate piece. Just look out for the particular replacement parts that match your tungsten electrode’s diameter.

#2 – Dust filter

The importance of a dust filter for a tungsten grinder is often unappreciated. Without a dust filter when welding, dust, and other particles can contaminate the tungsten electrode. Thus, the particular replacement parts are one of the available tungsten grinder spares in many accessory stores.

Most tungsten grinders are integrated with dust filters. These filters, as dust extraction systems, collect dust and other particles that can protect you (the welder) when sharpening the tungsten electrode.

Additionally, if your tungsten grinder or sharpener comes with one, make sure that the vacuum bags are in good condition. The bags are also among the tungsten grinder spares you need to check out. Especially if you use the grinder frequently, the accessories may already be torn in some portions.

#3 – Electrode holder

With plenty of available electrode holders in accessory stores for welders, you can sharpen tungsten electrodes precisely again. The primary purpose of one is to grip the electrodes firmly during the sharpening process. It keeps the electrodes steady for welding. It allows you to produce consistent welds and deeper penetration using your tungsten sharpener.

An electrode holder, or sometimes called an electrode clamp, needs replacement if your tungsten grinder cannot produce tungsten electrodes with a centered tip. You should also determine whether the equipment could still produce precise longitudes when cutting. If it cannot, getting one of the particular tungsten grinder spares is the answer.

#4 – Diamond or borazon grinding wheel

Upon honing the tungsten electrodes using your tungsten grinder, the result is unsatisfactory. The grinder is working technically, but it is as if you have not used it at all. It cannot deliver a sharp cut – or even a decent cut. Despite using a working grinder on them, the tungsten electrodes fail to have sharpened edges.

In such a case, the tungsten grinder spares that you should start looking for are diamond or borazon grinding wheels. Especially if you have been using the grinder for years, the wheels may be a bit rusty. By replacing the wheels, achieving a smooth (and perhaps, smoother) finish when sharpening tungsten electrodes is possible again.

Grinding wheel replacements for tungsten grinders or sharpeners vary in cost. The cost depends on size and brand. Buy one that is suited for your grinder. So long as you choose high-quality diamond or borazon grinding wheels, you can get your tungsten grinder to work like new.

Moreover, some of the particular tungsten grinder spares are double-sided. This means that they feature a reversible design. Since they can be used on both sides, the wheels have longer lifespans.

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