Tungsten grinding wand

The quality of a tungsten grinding wand is a factor worth considering if you are about to use a tungsten sharpener or grinder. When purchasing precision tungsten grinding equipment, many welders make it a point to inspect the wand closely. If they are not convinced that it can help them hone their tungsten electrodes properly, they refuse to make the purchase and look for another grinder. It is either that or they replace the tool’s grinding wand with a better one.

tungsten grinding wand

According to them, a fine grinding wand makes a difference in the results. Only with a first-grade quality grinding wand will the production of satisfactory cuts and edges on tungsten electrodes be possible.

Here are four more factors to consider when choosing a tungsten grinding wand.

#1 – Ideal size

A tungsten grinding wand’s size is important. It can determine the depth of weld penetration, as well as a shorter or a longer electrode life.

Additionally, an ideally sized wand allows you to hone tungsten electrodes better since it can improve the grinding angle. It can let you choose the result between a sharper electrode and a blunter electrode. Generally, it can provide assistance as you optimize welding operations.

Common sizes for a grinding wand vary from 3/16” (or 84.1 mm) to 7” (or 177.8 mm) in length. Additionally, choose a wand size that can give the tungsten electrode a firm grip.

#2 – Works well with other grinder parts

You should opt for a tungsten grinding wand that can work well with the other parts of your tungsten grinding equipment. It may be laudable on its own, but if it could not be coordinated with other integral portions of the equipment for honing tungsten, the tool may not be useful.

The more important parts of a tungsten grinder are the diamond or borazon wheel, router collets, and electrode holder. Focus on them. Do they function as expected? Determine if together with the grinding wand, the best results for the tungsten electrode can be achieved.

Choosing a tungsten grinding wand that will not cause any delays in the honing process should be a priority. This grants the welder the chance to concentrate on honing the tungsten electrode delicately. As they attend to their independent functions, all the parts of the entire equipment should be in accord to help the welder focus, too.

#3 – Options for Storage

Select a tungsten grinding wand that comes with storage options for the tungsten electrodes. The recommended storage should enable the grinding of electrodes to be done correctly. The option offers the welder convenience during the grinding process. It promotes the safety of the electrodes, too.

Apart from this, it should have an option for the storage of spare router collets. Router collets are the grinding equipment parts that securely lock the electrodes in position. Usually, collets feature advanced designs to support different welding operations.

The space for collet storage should match the size of the collet to achieve the best results. If space prevents the collet from working properly, select another tungsten grinding wand instead. Many collet storage options are featured in the upper portions of grinding equipment. They are strategically placed on top – with a screw. This benefits welders with easy storage for spare collets.

#4 – Secure Grip Capability

A tungsten grinding wand should offer security for the tungsten electrode. A grinding wand that can lock the electrode in the grinding equipment is able to achieve maximum welding performance. Particularly, it supports grinding concentrically and longitudinally.

Since it can prevent arc wanders and restrict currents appropriately, it produces honed tungsten electrodes with smooth edges. Whether they were processed crosswise or lengthwise, the products are less likely to come with flat spots.

A grinding wand that can securely grip the tungsten electrode also prevents contaminants from ruining the result. It eliminates the chances of defects. With its firm hold, it can assist in allowing the accurate honing of the tungsten electrodes.

Alongside, a tungsten grinding wand that can securely grip the tungsten electrode is advantageous to the welder. Since it is secure in the grinding equipment, the chances of the electrode being grabbed by the wheel are minimal. Consequently, there are minimal chances of losing the electrode being shot back at the welder.

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