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In industries that require GTAW (or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) and TIG (or Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding, tungsten sharpeners are in demand. While it is arguable to some, grinders make a difference. With them, the process of sharpening, cutting, and grinding electrodes is also easier!

Best Tungsten Sharpener Holder

If these are used often without regular sharpening, tungsten electrodes might not obtain optimum results. Grinders, as these sharpeners are sometimes called, can sharpen tungsten electrodes almost perfectly!

tungsten sharpener holder

However, what if the sharpeners could be rather difficult to keep in place? What if holding tungsten sharpeners securely can be a problem? What if tungsten ends up being contaminated due to being held loosely? According to many seasoned welders, instances of contaminating the tungsten electrodes are not rare.

In such cases, a tungsten sharpener holder can come to the rescue. If you already own a sharpener for your tungsten electrodes, it is suggested to get a holder. Apart from preventing contaminants from degrading the tungsten electrodes, owning a holder comes with a set of other advantages. Additionally, it is designed to be very handy and it is an excellent time-saver.

Here are the pros of getting a tungsten sharpener holder.

#1 – It makes the task of sharpening tungsten faster & easier

With a tungsten holder, sharpening tungsten electrodes are faster. It can reduce typical labor time and can help accomplish the job within an hour. It can assist as you give the electrodes a sharpened edge. It can be used for holding fractional-sized sharpeners (i.e. electrodes that come with 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, and 3/32” diameter shanks).

The task of sharpening tungsten is not always easy. Especially if you are a beginner in welding, you would know how exhausting it could be. Unless you are extra careful, the possibilities include dipping the electrodes into the weld puddle and touching the electrodes with the filler rod. With a tungsten sharpener holder, worrying about these possibilities is needless; the sharpener can be held firmly in place.

#2 – It keeps supplemental equipment in place

With a tungsten sharpener holder, not only will you have a holder for your electrode, your other tools will have a safe storage place, too. So long as you choose a high-quality product, a tungsten sharpener holder is arguably a handy addition to your workplace.

Many holders for tungsten sharpeners are very useful. Small tools such as drills, router bits, and mini saw blades could be kept securely inside the sharpening equipment. Especially when working on a high scaffold, you would appreciate the convenience of a holder for your tungsten sharpener.

#3 – It makes the workplace more classy

Since it is typically designed with an anodized body, a tungsten sharpener holder contributes to the classy look of your workplace. According to many people, quality holders for tungsten grinders have attractive finishes, and it is a must-have for most welders.

#4 – It promotes cleanliness & safety in the workplace

The many designs for a tungsten sharpener holder feature a vacuum bag. It addresses the issue that the process of honing tungsten electrodes can leave a mess. The design allows dust to be filtered and contained. Consequently, this spares you from tedious clean-up sessions when sharpening tungsten.

In relation to a clean workplace, a sharpener holder for a tungsten electrode promotes safety in the workplace, too. It prevents accidents due to the residues when giving tungsten electrodes a sharpened edge. One of these residues is radioactive thorium. Radioactive thorium is toxic, and it can be very dangerous when inhaled.

#5 – It prevents equipment from dropping to the ground

A tungsten sharpener holder can help you hold a sharpener for your tungsten firmly, and prevent instances of having it drop to the ground. You can focus as you hone your tungsten electrode without worrying that it will fall down. If the removal and replacement of the electrode are necessary, many tungsten holders simply require a quick loosening of the chuck nut (or a similar accessory).

Moreover, having a holder in place is a benefit especially if your tungsten grinding equipment, as well as your tungsten electrode, is very expensive. If it is frequently dropped, the equipment might soon become defective. As a preventive measure, make sure to handle it with care. With a tungsten sharpener holder, there is lesser chance of a tungsten sharpener getting broken.

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