Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder

The Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder is from CK Worldwide, the producer of highest quality TIG welding products and accessories in the market today. They are known to developing pioneering designs for performance, accessibility, and durability.

True to their claim as the company that is “The Standard in TIG Welding”, they have been delivering an extraordinary level of service through their long-lasting and reliable products.

Turbo Sharp X

The Turbo Sharp X almost has the same features as the Turbo Sharp V, but CK Worldwide produced a better quality motor. It is not an ordinary motor as it is a professional grade, which makes it a great tool for small shops and job sites. This Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder is so-called a “handheld” model, but most testers observed that it is unlikely to hold it using just one hand while spinning the electrode with another hand.

turbo sharp x

Fortunately, CK Worldwide has already created a solution for this problem because a vice-mounting bracket is now part of its standard accessory. This grinder is fully enclosed, and unlike the dust collection design of similar units from other companies, Turbo Sharp X Tungsten Grinder does an excellent job of holding almost the entire grinding dust.

For utmost safety of the user, CK Worldwide even add in a shop-vac attachment in order to clean the dust from the enclosed grinding chamber. There are only a handful of other units comparable to the level of safety that this tungsten grinder offers.

The grinding head is just beside the grinding chamber. This head has ports for tungsten sizes between .040” and 1/8”. The wrench is also part of the unit and this is why it’s quite easy for the user to switch sizes.


Many users would probably get excited to try the accessories for this tungsten sharpener. The tool itself comes in a case containing all of the basic supplies for the grinder. Most users do not like to bring metal cases to their electrical work environment, but the interior design of this case excellently keeps everything in place.

The aforementioned Red Head grinding accessory for this Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder is for bigger electrodes, but the manufacturer offers an accessory called the Short Tungsten Kit. Along with the Red Head, users can use this accessory, which is as short as 3/4” long.

The Red Head

The Red Head is a great accessory to this Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder. Although this accessory is optional, it is worth mentioning that it can manage 5/32”, 3/16” and 1/4”. CK Worldwide is proud to say that this is the only handheld tungsten sharpener that could grind electrodes that big. There is a simple degree scale on the grinding head that can be found beside the electrode ports. While it is hard to say that it is perfectly precise, it is amazingly almost accurate.

turbo sharp tungsten grinder

Since the grinding chamber of this Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder is completely enclosed, it is impossible to see how the electrodes crash into the wheel. For that reason, it’s easy to change the grinding angle with the help of the degree scale.

The edge of the grinding chamber has a port to grind a tip flat. Although the tip flat procedure is a little difficult with this tool, no dust will get out of the chamber while grinding the tip flat. The disadvantage of being so efficient at holding the dust is that this Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder cannot cut electrodes.

Nevertheless, this is not a major problem for most users because all they have to do is to get rid of the globs that are formed from each end of the electrodes before starting the grinding procedure.


Keeping with the practice of safety for the user, the Turbo 4 also has enclosed grinding area that keeps away fingers from abrasions; lungs from dust; and eyes from sparks. As for the weld quality of the Turbo 4 Tungsten Grinder, it has enhanced arc starting and improved arc stability.


It has the capability to reduce the shedding of tungsten, which lessens the possibility of tungsten to be included in the weld. Moreover, the proper procedure of grinding the electrodes offers more reliable weld penetration.

The Turbo 4 allows the user to have longer arc time before the electrodes wear out, which increases their production. Compared to similar electrode grinders in the same price range, many users find the Turbo 4 grinder much more valuable because it offers more features that are beneficial to them.

Two of the most notable benefits of this Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder are:

Features of Turbo 4


Turbo Sharp V

CK Worldwide used to call the Turbo Sharp X as Turbo Sharp V before they improved the motor of the grinder. The Turbo Sharp V Tungsten Grinder can also grind tungsten sizes from 0.40” to 1/8”, but it can grind electrodes that are as short as 1.5”.

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