Weldcraft Tungsten Grinder

Weldcraft offers a complete line of the best quality tungsten grinding products and tungsten electrodes in order to help welding operators have premium TIG welding performance. Staying true to what the company aims for, the Weldcraft tungsten grinder meets the crucial needs for health and safety in welding. As with other products of Miller Electric Mfg. Co., this tungsten grinder focuses on building solutions.


Best Weldcraft Tungsten Grinder


Triad handheld tungsten grinder

This tungsten grinder provides the accuracy and versatility that welders need to set up tungsten for both hand-held and orbital welding applications. The cutting, facing and grinding capabilities of the Triad tungsten grinder eliminate the extra cost and the need for other preparation tools.

Moreover, it boasts the strongest, most reliable motor in the field of welding. This means that regardless of how much tungsten is required, the Triad is always up for the challenge.

weldcraft tungsten grinder

Although this tungsten grinder is not as massive compared to other industrial grade hand-held products, it is as durable as the Neutrix and the Turbosharp X. The Weldcraft Triad also has a slimmer design, but after a few tests, it is a bit difficult to operate as simply hand-held.

However, the manufacturer already found a solution to this by adding a benchtop adapter into the standard accessory kit of the Weldcraft triad tungsten grinder. So, do not be misled by its simple design because this tungsten grinder is fully effective under every test.

Features of the Weldcraft grinder


To maximize the output of this tungsten grinder, the manufacturer offers two accessories:

  1. The double-decker attachment – This kit includes a rough grit wheel that allows for an easy electrode grinding and polishing for the welding operator. This double-decker kit allows for an additional grinding heel to be easily and quickly attached. The additional wheel on the Weldcraft tungsten-electrode grinder is ideal for preparing and scrubbing bigger diameter tungsten electrodes. This is because it speeds up the tungsten grinding process on the “finish wheel” and also extends the life of the wheel. The welding operators can use the existing standard wheel to smoothen the tungsten to ensure good weld penetration and improve arc starting capabilities. What’s more, this attachment has an additional grinding head. It has precision-drilled entries that can accommodate six tungsten electrode diameters from 0.040” to 5/32”.
  2. Cutting holder – This is the other accessory that a lot of welding operators are thrilled about. It requires a certain level of evaluation. But with this durable cutting attachment, the electrodes will be cut into precision lengths. This also depending on the requirements of the TIG welding applications.

Together, these two accessories make the Weldcraft sharpener the only hand-held tool that could prepare tungsten electrodes for orbital welding purposes.

weldcraft tungsten sharpener


When it comes to safety, this tool does not have dust collection and its wheel is exposed. However, the Weldcraft tungsten grinder has a protective cover attachment.

Upon testing, this protective cover attachment is not that impressive. Because it makes the functionality of the grinder somewhat limited, which makes it less user-friendly. Then again, for basic grinding applications, the tool works really well.

As mentioned above, this tungsten grinder comes with a steel case that holds its accessories. Some welding operators may not like the idea of metal cases in an electrical working environment. But it does a great job of keeping the tool protected and clean.

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